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Dr. Adarsh Somashekar is a pediatrician and neonatologist with over two decades of experience in clinical pediatrics in India and the United Kingdom.


Obesity is an abnormal, unhealthy condition of having excessive body fat or weight than is necessary for a particular height.


Your child needs adequate nutrition to grow both mentally and physically. Good nutrition contributes to a healthy and strong body.

Injury inChildren

Injuries such as bruises, sprains, strains, tears, and broken bones are common in children active in sports or exercise.

Fitness inChildren

Physical activities and sports help children stay physically fit and healthy and also help in learning and development.


Even though problems in newborns such as colds, coughs, fevers, and vomiting are common

Comprehensive Pediatric CareAssessing and Addressing a Wide Range of Children's Health Needs

Chairman and Executive Director of Ovum Hospitals (A unit of NCRI Pvt Ltd).Dr. Adarsh SomashekarPediatrician & Child Specialist

Dr. Adarsh Somashekar - Pediatrician & Child Specialist
    • Founding member and CEO of “Neonatal Care & Research Institute Pvt Ltd”, an organisation involved in the care of new-born and premature new-born babies
    • 22+ years of experience in clinical paediatrics in India and United Kingdom
    • Worked in internationally renowned hospitals such as Freeman hospital and Royal Victoria Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne
    • Worked as a consultant paediatrician and neonatologist at Motherhood hospital and Cradle Hospital (Apollo group) in Bangalore
What Parents Should Know
  • Dr. Adarsh Somashekar - Pediatrician & Child Specialist Videos
  • Dr. Adarsh Somashekar - Pediatrician & Child Specialist Videos
  • Dr. Adarsh Somashekar - Pediatrician & Child Specialist Videos
We take goodcare of your children

Dr. Adarsh Somashekar is a leading specialist in childcare and neonatology. He dedicatedly relates to children with genuine compassion and an easy-going approach. He works with kids with ample humour and delivers his healing touch to ensure they spring back to their usual self at the earliest.

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