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Acute Paediatric Injuries

Acute paediatric injuries are injuries in children caused by severe trauma. These injuries happen suddenly and range from severe bruises to bumps to broken bones.

Anxiety in Children

Anxiety is the body’s natural response to stress caused by external or internal factors. This is typically a combination of intensive, excessive and persistent worry or fear about what is to come in everyday situations.


Air is supplied to the lungs for purification through narrow tubes. When these tubes get inflamed and narrowed, it leads to a chronic condition called asthma. With children spending more time indoors, and increased exposure to pollution, dust and second-hand smoke, there is an increased rate of childhood asthma. Asthma can be triggered by allergens (pollen, mould and fur), cold air and changes in weather, exercise, flu, and the common cold.

Recurrent Coughs and Colds

A cold is mainly caused by a viral infection of your child’s nose and throat (upper respiratory tract). A cough is the body's way of removing irritants from the airway. Although colds and coughs normally clear on their own, sometimes a child may experience frequent or recurrent episodes that can be distressing. This could be due to several reasons and usually needs a thorough evaluation by a doctor.

Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection of the urinary tract. The different parts that might be affected are the urinary bladder, urethra, and kidneys. UTI is caused due to bacteria that are commonly present in the anal or vaginal region. UTI’s affect girls more than boys and are common around 3 years of age when they start toilet training. It is mainly caused due to poor hygiene, not urinating for long hours, bubble baths, wearing tight-fitting clothes and certain conditions characterized by abnormalities in the urinary system.

Poor Weight Gain

Poor weight gain is your child’s failure to attain weight at a normal rate that is appropriate for their age. It is a medical condition where your child is persistently below the ideal weight range for the developmental stage and does not meet recognized standards of growth. Poor weight gain is usually associated with undernutrition.

Recurrent Respiratory Infections

Respiratory infection is a disease of the respiratory tract, the airway passage that begins at the nose, passes through the throat and ends in the lungs. Respiratory tract infections are mainly caused by viruses and occasionally bacteria.


Rickets is a bone condition caused by a lack of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus in the body, which are all vital components of healthy bones. This condition is characterized by weak bones and bone deformities. Rickets may be inherited, or develop when the body does not get enough vitamin D or is unable to effectively process the available vitamin D.

Sports Injury Management of the Hand, Wrist and Elbow

Sports injuries are injuries that most commonly occur during sports and exercises. These injuries may result from accidents, poor training practices, and use of improper protective gear, lack of conditioning, and insufficient warm-up and stretching. The sports injuries may be either acute (sprains, fractures, tears) or chronic (tendinitis, overuse injury) injuries.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are psychological disorders related to abnormal eating habits.

Diet in Teenagers

The teenage years are the time when a child’s body goes through numerous changes. This includes bone development, increase in height, and hormonal changes characterised by the appearance of facial hair in boys and the development of mammary glands in girls. Teenagers may also be more physically active in sports and busy with their school studies. Therefore, their bodies need adequate fuel in the form of calories to drive these changes.

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