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Sports in Children

Sports is an important and essential activity during childhood. It has several benefits few of them are mentioned below

Health benefits

Sports bring huge health benefits to a child. Sports help build their muscles, make their joints more mobile, improves their appetite, and their overall growth during their childhood years.

Help studies

Regular exercises help in boosting memory and increased concentration in the school. Studies have shown that children who were active during the childhood years have gone on to do their graduation and post-graduation in far greater numbers than children who were not in the sport during their childhood


Sporting activities help build friendships during track events or team sports. Many times these friendships last beyond schooling life onto adulthood.

Team sports

Team sports help children develop team working skills, strategic and planning skills, on-field execution skills, and importantly team spirit. These skills are particularly important when children grow up and have to work together in teams in the corporate world of today.

Family time

It's parents who would often drop the child to the playground and pick them up. Many times the parents wait there till the game is over. This ensures that the parents spend a lot more time with their children and improves bonding. The child feels encouraged to perform better.


Children in sports training lead a more disciplined life. They pack their bags the previous day itself with the items required for the practice. They go to bed early and often wake their parents up to get dropped for the practice sessions.

I strongly recommend parents encourage their children into taking up some form of sports in their daily life.

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